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Event Types

Ultimate Visuals has a wealth of experience when it comes to event videography and samples of most of these are available upon request. For a detailed quote on your event please send us an email or give us a call to discuss the options available to you. Below is some of the many types of events we have captured to date:

Weddings, Christenings, Barmitzvahs, Birthday, Anniversary & Retirement Parties, Memorial Services, Sangeet Parties and School Dance & Drama Productions. Every event is unique from the start and finish times, location, filming requirements and edit type. We love to capture events in an unobtrusive and creative fashion allowing you and your guests to simply enjoy the event!

The way in which events are captured can depend on the size of the venue, number of guests and also what is taking place. Many events can be easily capture with one camera and operator but others do require multiple cameras to make sure we capture the event correctly and don’t miss anything. We have a team of professionals here at Ultimate Visuals and have kit in house that is available for bigger events if required. If you are looking for a commercial film – Website promo, Social media film, Conference capture we have a dedicated commercial films company for these types of films – Creative One Productions. For further information on samples and services visit